Architecture photography is a whole different world in terms of photography. Trying new fields has been very fulfilling since it represents a constant challenge.  As in any art field, experimenting with new subjects is enriching in every aspect.

As an architecture photographer, our main goal is to showcase the art and design of others, designing with design.

We have been fortunate to work with some of the most recognized architects of Costa Rica, and some very interesting projects, including Bienal winner projects from architects like Benjamín García, Jaime Rouillon, Victor Cañas, Bruno Stagno, Pietro Stagno and more.  



"Hola Sergio,  vi las fotos con detenimiento...que increible!!!! mae mil gracias!!!! Estoy tan orgulloso del trabajo que hice gracias a tu visión... estuve reunido con el dueño de una importante revista y flippo cuando vio tus fotos"

Jaime Rouillon - Arquitecto.

"Believe me, you cannot get a better property and landscape photographer in Costa Rica and as far as I am concerned he takes better photos than many of my affiliates have in the USA. You will understand after you see them"

Robert F. Davey - Christie's International Real Estate.